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NiteLite ExtraGlow on my Handi Quilter

nitelite glow thread

Q. I have been using a variety of your threads with very good results on my new Handi Quilter longarm. I recently purchased some additional threads to try, among which was White NiteLite ExtraGlow. On my first project with this thread, I had a lot of difficulty with it breaking. I'm sure that it must be a user error problem and hope that you might have some suggestions to help correct the situation. I believe that I was using a #16 needle and had So Fine! #50  white in the bobbin. I had adjusted the top tension on a sample fabric and had good appearance of top and bottom stitches. After each break of the thread, I reduced the top tension but this didn't seem to help prevent repeated breaks. What else can I do?

 A: Please follow these two suggestions below:
1. Change to a #18 or #19 needle. NiteLite is a thicker thread and will be put under more stress when passing through a #16 needle. 
2. Loosen the upper tension very low -- more than you think you should.  If the thread starts to loop on the back, ease it back up a little. It if breaks at that point, then the bobbin tension is too tight so loosen the bobbin tension screw 1/4 turn. This should correct it. We also have a Handi Quilter longarm machine and are able to quilt with NiteLite without a problem when we loosen our tension and use the correct needle.
3. If you are using a cone of NiteLite, place a handy net on the bottom half of the cone. This will help keep the thread from sliding off the cone.

NiteLite thread will be much more visible when glowing if a lot of thread is stitched in place. A single meandering stitch will not be very visible, while a dense stitch or many passes over an area will be much more visible.

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By: Bob Purcell