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Perfect QuilterPerfect Quilter is being discontinued 

All remaining stock of Perfect Quilter is less than half price! We are discounting Perfect Quilter, our #30/3-ply cotton quilting thread. Perfect Quilter was our first cotton quilting thread and being a heavy thread, we have found many quilters prefer the look of King Tut, which is a #40. King Tut is also available in over 100 colors, while Perfect Quilter is only available in 30.

Current stock is available on both 300 yd. mini cones and 2,500 yd. cones. It is a nice, strong thread which is meant to be bold and visible on your quilt. Perfect Quilter works well on both home and longarm machines. We recommend using Superior's Topstitch #100/16 needle for home machines and a #21 for longarm machines. If you find the thread breaking, please loosen your top tension.

300 yd. mini cones $3.75 (reg. $8.99). Limited colors remaining. 

By: Bob Purcell