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polyester threadWill I ruin my quilt if I piece with Polyester thread?

Q. Is it OK to piece with polyester? I have a spool of your So Fine 50 and my sister told me that I shouldn't piece with it. I don't see why not though. It's strong and it grabs the fabric very well. What will happen if I use it to piece my daughter's quilt?
A. Polyester is a very durable thread and is fine for piecing if that is what you prefer. It will not tear or damage the quilt. A fine, lint-free poly thread may even make a smoother seam than a cotton thread. However, there is one caution: When you iron the seams, make sure your iron is on the medium setting for synthetics and not on the high setting for cotton. Although polyester is heat resistant, it is not as heat resistant as cotton and a high-heat iron can melt it. When we iron, we tend to set the iron temperature for the fabric we are ironing, not the thread holding the fabric together. As long as you aren't leaving a hot iron on a polyester thread for too long, you should be just fine.

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By: Bob Purcell