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OMNI sewing threadThe role of using high-quality Thread in your Sewing Machine

Q. Dear Superior Threads gurus, firstly let me say that I very much enjoy receiving your informative newsletters. I LOVE the trilobal poly you have. Like many, I can shop faster than I can stitch, so I'm just now using one of the six 6,000 yd. cones of OMNI thread I probably got at least a couple of years ago (most likely when you introduced it).

Here's the scenario:  New Superior Titanium size #90/14 Topstitch needle, [name removed. Cheap discount store brand] cotton prewound bobbin; Juki TL98E quilting machine;  cotton pieced top and backing with Hobbs 80-20 batting; OMNI #3022 Silver thread. I was pretty much stitching with this thread on soft shirtings and cottons with no latex patterning (that can sometimes give me a problem with shredding so I avoid those fabrics). The OMNI thread was shredding pretty regularly. It's as if the plies separate and get caught under the needle instead of traveling along down to the bobbin thread. After a while, I had the bright idea to switch top threads to see if it was just the pieced pattern that was catching the thread as I ditched. Switched to a thread that I have had at least ten years picking it up in a bin at a mill-ends type warehouse. That thread performed perfectly.

There is no "batch" number on the cones of OMNI thread that I can give you. All the colors I have seem to feel the same to my hand and I don't have high hopes for the others although I have not tried them. Maybe you had a problem with a certain run and I am just now finding that out.  I don't quilt for the public anymore, just for my own pleasure -- and this wasn't -- a pleasure.  If you have time to offer any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks very much. 

A. I think we can fix this. Please try a couple adjustments:

  1. Change to a thinner bobbin thread.  [name removed. Cheap discount store brand] cotton thread is very fluffy and can cause an irregular stitch pattern when paired with not-as-fluffy top threads. Some machines run well with a smoother thread in the bobbin when OMNI is on top.

  2. Loosen the top tension by 1-3 numbers.

  3. If this does not resolve the problem, please open other OMNI cones and try them. If all have the same problem, it is thread and machine incompatibility. If only one cone has the problem, we will replace it.

Customer's Response:

Wow! Thanks for the quick and excellent response. Changed out the [name removed. Cheap discount store brand] prewound bobbin for one I made with Bottom Line. No other adjustments seem to be necessary.  You are a super genius!!  So sorry I bothered you with this question but I was too trustful of the prewound bobbin, I guessed and panicked. I'm printing out your suggestions and putting them in the thread drawer with the OMNI.  Again, thanks so very much!

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By: Bob Purcell