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Triolobal Polyester Thread by Superior Threads

What is Trilobal polyester? Recent advances in fiber technology have resulted in a new type of polyester. In the past, due to its dull appearance, polyester lost out to other fibers, especially rayon. However, with the development of Trilobal polyester, rayon thread may become a thread of the past.

In manufacturing Trilobal polyester, the Trilobal cross section of the fibers creates excellent light reflection, resulting in high sheen. If the desired effect is durability, softness, and brightness, Trilobal poly is perfect for the job.

Following are characteristics of Trilobal poly.
  1. Brightness. High sheen for attractive quilting and embroidery designs.
  2. Strength. Stronger than rayon, which means fewer thread breaks. Polyester can be used at higher machine speeds than weaker threads, including rayon.
  3. Colorfastness. Withstands chlorine. Durable to cleaning and laundering. More resistant to UV exposure than rayon.
  4. Controlled elongation (stretch). Outperforms rayon and other polyester threads (such as spun poly).
  5. Excellent wet strength. Does not weaken in washings.
  6. Abrasion resistant. Higher abrasion resistance than rayon means it does not wear out as fast.
  7. More stitch volume. Has a slight 3D effect with less need for underlay or cord. Perfect for satin stitches.
  8. More resistant to chemical damage than rayon. Ideal for industrial work-wear garments.
  9. More forgiving of poor adjustments or mechanical conditions of the machine.
  10. Virtually lint free.

MagnificoFantasticoRainbows, Living Colors, Nature Colors, Art Studio Colors and Super Brights thread are 100% premium Trilobal polyester.


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By: Bob Purcell