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Sewing Machine Needles

Serger and Home Sewing Machine Needles

Q. I have seen the videos and read your information on Superior's Topstitch titanium needles, but I could not find anything on Serger needles. Do the top stitch needles work in a serger?

A. To simplify the answer, most machine brands recommend a specific type of needle in their serger. Bernina is the only machine manufacturer (I'm aware of) that recommends using a home sewing machine-style needle with their sergers.

The most popular types of serger needles are the ELx705, DCx1, and HAx1. These needles are slightly different than our Topstitch needle in length and/or scarf position/shape. Your machine manual will recommend the proper needle style to use on your machine.

With that said, there are many customers who use our Topstitch needles in their sergers and love the outcome. Because each machine brand recommends a specific needle, we suggest using the needle style they recommend.  

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By: Bob Purcell