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Can I use your Topstitch needles to sew on denim?

Q. I have a Janome 8900 and want to stitch on denim. I have some tailoring/hemming as well as I'd like to make one of those really cute Jeans quilts that have become popular. My question for you is, can I use your Superior Topstitch needles for this or do I need to use a denim needle? I've had great luck with your needles and would prefer to use the same type of needle if possible (you know how us quilters don't like to change! haha!!)

A. If you are topstitching or sewing (garment construction) on denim fabric, with the thickness of Jeans, our Topstitch needle will perform excellently. The large eye accommodates thicker threads and helps reduce friction. The light-sharp point will penetrate the tightly-woven denim and create good stitch.

If you are going to be stitching heavy-duty seams on denim fabric, such as the french seam used for edges on pants, a denim needle will be more applicable. The denim needle has a very sharp point and more of a slender shaft which cuts through densely woven fabric like denim and canvas easily.

Home machines are limited as to just how thick of material they can sew through, since their motors are less powerful than industrial machines. Please read your machine manual to verify the thickness level of material which can comfortably be sewn. 

superior needle diagram

By: Bob Purcell