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metallic thread photoBad Tension with Metallic Threads

Q: I have never been able to sew with metallic thread. When my customers come into my store with the same problem with the thread, I can't help them. I have tried all of your suggestions plus the suggestions by Dawn Cavanaugh for APQS Quilting Machines. I can get nothing to work in other brands, or yours.I am using Bottom Line in the bobbin. I have loosened the top thread as much as I can. I use a new needle. I have tried both a top stitch and a metallic needle in a 14 or larger. Today I even tried loosening the bobbin tension. The thread still keeps shredding and breaking. I have a Brother 4000 D. It works fine with all of your other threads, but not the metallic.

A. It sounds like you are doing most of these already. Metallic is a sensitive thread due to the manufacturing process. We have many quilts which we've quilted and embroidered with Metallics and enjoyed fantastic results. There's a few more tips which we recommend:
1. Needle: Topstitch or Metallic #90/14
2. Top tension: loosen to a "1"
3. If a spool, position the spool on the vertical pin holder or is such a way that the thread unwinds directly from the side of the spool with the spool rotating .
4. If a cone, thread must unwind straight up over the top of the cone. 
5. Bottom thread: any smooth polyester. The Bottom Line is a great choice because it is smooth and lint free.

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By: Bob Purcell