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So Fine! Machine Quilting Thread by Superior Threads

My Tin Lizzie Keeps Breaking So Fine! #50

Q. I just finished one quilt and loaded another.  Now my thread keeps breaking. I'm using Superior Threads So Fine! #50 color #405 in my bobbin and also in the needle. I have the Tin Lizzie 18. I've checked everything I can find to check. The needle is threaded correctly, it's inserted properly, and is straight. I've cleaned in and around the bobbin and it's case. The thread is coming off the cone properly and not getting caught on anything. I've tried 5 different bobbins, Groz Beckert size 16 and 18 needles.  Can you make any suggestions for me as to what might be the problem.

  Do you have more than one cone of So Fine! #50 to test? If Cone A works but cone B does not, then it might be a bad cone. As rare as this happens to us, there is a possibility that the wind could be off or something else. However, if neither cones work, then it is a machine setting. So Fine! #50 is usually a trouble-free thread, due to it's strength. Thread breakage is usually due to one of these:
    1.  Needle (perhaps a burr in the eye). Size #16 is adequate for So Fine! #50.
    2.  Too tight tension. The thread should pull easily through the needle by hand. You don't want too much resistance when pulling the thread through the needle. 
    3.  Rough spot or burr somewhere along the thread path.
    4.  Too tight bobbin tension. The bobbin tension should be loose enough so when you hold the bobbin case in your left hand and pull up the thread with your right hand, the case does not lift up off your hand.

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By: Bob Purcell