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so fine imageCan't Get a Good Stitch on my Nolting

Q. I have a Nolting and am using a #18 needle.  My question is . . . why would the the Bottom Line thread be shredding every few inches?  I've changed needles, loosened the tension (top and bottom), tried to make sure it's not catching anywhere.

A. I don't know why, but a small percentage of Noltings and Gammills shred The Bottom Line. It is not a consistent problem so it is
difficult to troubleshoot. The easiest solution is to switch to So Fine! #50, which is also polyester. We have come to understand that there are personalities built-into machines. We tested 8 of the top-brand longarms for a year at our facility and were able to get every thread line of Superior's run on each machine. However, we have also been told from other professional longarmers that they have 2 of the same longarm machines and one of them behaves differently from the other in regards to tension.

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By: Bob Purcell