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A how-to guide on Updating the Superior Inventory App

In this article, we will highlight how to keep your phone and/or tablet's inventory up-to-date with the most recent products on our website.

Q. I just started adding my thread inventory to the Superior Threads Inventory App on my tablet. I can't find Highlights, and my thread #'s for Fantastico and Magnifico aren't being displayed on the app. Do I need an update, or are they not currently available, or am I doing something wrong?

A. A simple refreshing of the inventory should take care of this. You refresh the product list by pressing the menu button and then selecting 'Refresh' (on tablets and larger-screened devices, there is no Menu button). Once refresh is selected, your device will connect to our website and pull all active products onto your device, making it up-to-date with the products online. The app needs to stay open during this refresh stage, so please do not close it or the update won't complete. It will take a few minutes, but once it has refreshed, all of our threadlines should appear!

Below are screenshots of the home page, refresh process, and completed refresh screen.

Home page of the Inventory app
refreshing products
complete refresh

By: Bob Purcell