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bonded threads for upholsteryWhat thread can I use for sewing upholstery fabrics?

Q. I'm sewing on several different fabrics; marine vinyl, thick upholstery fabric, and canvas/duck cloth. What type of thread do you recommend I use? I need it to be strong enough to handle my high-speed Juki (it's an industrial sewing machine) and I don't want the color to fade.  I've used other threads and it seems that for some reason it is breaking at the needle because of friction? Please help me find what I need.

A. We have several options for you. Let's start with each fabric type. For Marine fabric, we know that it is going to see a lot of sunlight and UV exposure. Nylon is not recommended for sewing if the end product will be exposed to UV rays. Solar Guard (Our brand of bonded polyester) is a good choice for any outdoor furnishing, as it has superior UV resistance compared to Nylon. It is a very strong thread and the bonding agent which is coated on the thread cuts down its susceptibility to wear from friction/abrasion. 

For any indoor-sewing application, Bonded Nylon is a great choice. It is a very strong, colorfast thread. Superior's Bonded Nylon is also available in many different thicknesses, from #46 to #346.

We personally use and recommend Groz-Beckert needles when sewing with our upholstery threads. 

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By: Bob Purcell