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groz beckert needlesMeet the SAN (Special Application Needle)

As proud distributors of Groz-Beckert needles for industrial, longarm, and midarm machines, we personally use these needles in our machines and recommend them to our customers. For midarm and longarm machines, we use a specific style of needles called the Special Application Needle. This is noted on the needle pack with the text 'SAN 11' or 'SAN 6'.

The SAN 11 needle type is available in multiple sizes from #14-#21 and can accommodate all types of quilting threads from a fine #100 Kimono Silk to thick #30 Poly Quilter. The SAN 11 needle is very flexible, allowing for less needle deflection, skipped stitches, and thread breakage. Having the needle "bend" allows the thread to move without added tension. The scarf geometry, large eye, and flexibility give the SAN 11 needle the properties to operate in a multi-directional environment and not lose the effectiveness of providing a quality stitch. 

The SAN 6 needle type is similar to the SAN 11 needle with a unique shape and deep scarf. The differences are slight and the SAN 6 needle is designed to be more of a workhorse needle than a multi-directional needle. We carry the SAN 6 needle in multiple sizes from #14-#21.

Please check what needle style your machine takes by viewing our Longarm Needle Guide. Using the correct size of needle with your thread will not only help you achieve better stitches, but it will also reduce frustration caused by skipped stitches and thread breaks. We have a fantastic reference guide for Longarm Machines which displays the needle size to use with all of Superior's threads.

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By: Bob Purcell