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“The colors are gorgeous”

Caryl Bryer FallertI was first introduced to Rainbows trilobal polyester threads in 2002. At that time, I was already using a 40 wt. polyester topstitching thread for most of my quilting. Although I couldn’t imagine finding a better thread at the time, I discovered that Superior’s trilobal polyester is even stronger than the thread I was using. The quality is consistent, the colors are gorgeous, and the thread runs through a standard size needle. In the past, I seldom used variegated threads because the wide range of values in a single strand often caused unwanted visual breaks in a quilting pattern. Rainbows has beautiful color variation without the large jumps in value. This allows a pattern to flow unbroken, even while the colors change.

I’m also in love with the lightweight Bottom Line threads. You can get much more thread on a single bobbin and it doesn’t build up a lot of bulk or leave big knots on the back of the quilt. This thread is also great for quilting on the top when I don’t want the thread to show very much. I also use The Bottom Line when I’m doing machine appliqué because it leaves a very lightweight line around the appliqué and doesn’t build up around the edge.

Superior’s monofilament, MonoPoly, is the best. Although I use lots of invisible thread in my piecing, I have always had a love/ hate relationship with it because it broke so often. When I got my first spool of MonoPoly, I had a major deadline to complete a quilt. The whole thing was quilted with MonoPoly at full speed on my machine and the thread never broke. It’s a miracle!!!

Thanks for making this wonderful thread available.


Caryl Bryer Fallert
Bryerpatch Studio

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