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“I was fortunate to have discovered Superior Threads...” 

gina perkesI believe that quilting is an amazing form of art! The quilt is our canvas, the needle is our paintbrush, and the thread is our medium. I am awe inspired by the creations of the many thread artists in this industry. Superior Threads facilitate these works with their dazzling array of threads that are both beautiful to the eye and optimal in quality. I was fortunate to have discovered Superior Threads at the beginning of my quilting journey and have seen amazing growth and diversification in their products. I am continually amazed at the innovations presented to thread lovers like me by Superior Threads, as well as the educational support that is merely a phone call away should problems arise.

I was honored to be involved with Superior Threads in the creation of their Kimono Silk line. The fine weight of this thread allows me to showcase my quilting without thread build-up and obvious back-tracking. It is very easy to use and glides through my quilts beautifully without breakage issues. Its luster is absolutely perfect for all of my projects from wearable art to traditional and art quilts! I also use this thread in my machine and hand appliqué work. The fine weight is pertinent to creating the obscure and virtually invisible stitches that I desire in my appliqué. The stunning assortment of colors combined with the superior quality of this thread will end every thread artist’s journey for the perfect silk thread!

Gina Perkes

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