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“Their threads are wonderful to use and sew beautifully”

Libby LehmanIt is my honor to recommend Superior Threads. I have been doing business with the company for several years and cannot overstate what a pleasure it has been. When I considered what made them so outstanding, there were many different aspects:

The company. They are extremely ethical and stand behind their products.

Commitment to excellence. Superior strives to deliver the best quality threads possible. If a problem ever occurs, they immediately acknowledge and correct it. Their threads are wonderful to use and sew beautifully.

Prompt service. They are diligent in responding to inquiries.

Cognizance of their customer base and their market. Superior Threads actually listens to their customers and responds by delivering what they want. Their factories have a short turnaround and are able to deliver new product quickly. They actively seek input from their customers and then pay attention to it.

Product development. Superior Threads works diligently to keep up with current trends and to be in the forefront when something new is about to surface.

The reasons I can recommend Superior Threads is that they share so many of the things I love. It is a topnotch, quality company with topnotch, quality people.
Libby Lehman

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