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“Superior Threads work beautifully for machine appliqué” 

sue nickelsI love machine quilting using cotton threads. My style is an updated traditional approach to machine quilting. The new King Tut Quilting Thread tone-on-tone variegated thread line is the perfect choice to achieve a traditional look, with a touch of subtle shading to give more interest and texture to the finished project.

I have always loved the quality of Superior Threads. I have incorporated them into my quilts whenever possible. I was very excited to help design wonderful tone-on-tone colors within the new King Tut Quilting Thread line. My favorite things about this new line are:

• It is the very finest quality. King Tut Quilting Thread is an extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton. This quality results in much less lint buildup. Lint is usually a problem with cotton threads, but not with this one. 
• King Tut’s subtle variegations are about one inch apart, which creates a beautiful look, especially when used for background quilting. The subtle shading also works well for re-stitched areas on traditional designs such as feathers. 
• It is a very soft thread and lies very nicely on the fabric surface. 
• It threads easily and is amazingly strong. 

I also love to machine appliqué and this thread works beautifully to stitch along the edge of many appliqué projects. The subtle shadings look gorgeous in accent appliqué.

When teaching machine quilting, I tell my students the most important decision they will make is what thread to use. King Tut Quilting Thread will give quilters who are looking for cotton thread a perfect product to achieve that traditional look with a unique touch! This is a wonderful combination -- a great quality product and a great company to work with.

Sue Nickels

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