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Industrial Threads

Superior Threads offers a wide variety of industrial threads for sewing, clothing construction, and other instances for which a good industrial thread is needed. Superior Threads is a trusted source for service, quality, and reliability.


Apparel Industrial Threads

Many different types of threads are available that can be used in apparel and clothing.

Bonded Nylon Threads

Bonded Nylon thread is great for automotive interiors, upholstery, leather, heavy fabrics and more where a very strong thread is needed. Bonded nylon is the go-to thread in the upholstery industry. Definitely industrial thread material.

Our bonded nylon thread is made of nylon 66, which is stronger and more durable than the regular nylon or nylon 6. Nylon 66 also has a higher melting point than standard nylon 6 and certain polyesters. The bonded coating holds up well against abrasion and wear-and-tear.Bonded Nylon 66 for Industrial use by Superior Threads 

View our sizes for Bonded Nylon here.

Solar Guard Thread (UV-safe bonded poly)

Solar Guard thread is made from bonded polyester. Use Solar Guard Thread when stitching items which will be exposed to UV rays or will be outdoors. Available in a variety of colors based on thickness.


Kevlar® is strong and resistant to high-heat.


Tenara® has a high UV resistance for outside applications.

Specialty Industrial Threads

Specialty thread is one of our most exciting types of thread. We carry the following types of specialty threads:

We have also helped to design custom threads for various uses. Because of the unique nature of these threads, not all types are available for immediate sale. For industrial threads and custom order inquiries, please send an e-mail to .

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