Industrial Threads

Superior Threads offers a wide variety of industrial threads for sewing, clothing construction, and other instances for which a good industrial thread is needed. Superior Threads is a trusted source for service, quality, and reliability.


Apparel Threads

Many different types of threads are available that can be used in apparel and clothing.

  • OMNI - OMNI is the cleaner, brighter, and stronger alternative to OMNI Poly-Wrapped Poly Threadother poly-wrapped poly core threads available. OMNI has been designed for multiple sewing/serging purposes. The multi-filament polyester core gives OMNI superior strength while the wrapped poly allows this thread to “grab” the fabric and create smooth, pucker-free seams. Ideal seams will lie flat throughout the garment, providing the garment with a better fit. OMNI is used for tailored clothing applications such as shirts, suits, neckties, dresses, jackets, and much more. Not only is OMNI a popular garment construction thread used to sew fabric together (sewing a standard lock stitch), it is also very popular in overlock and cover stitch applications. OMNI can also be used for light-weight Denim sewing and embellishment.
  • Polyarn Woolie Like Polyester Serger Thread from Superior ThreadsPolyarnReplace “woollie-like” nylon products with a heat resistant and colorfast woollie polyester. Polyarn is an exciting new texturized (DTY) thread designed for sewing on fleece, knits, and stretch fabrics. Polyarn has the bulk, elasticity, and flexibility popularized by “woollie-type” nylon, but has several important added features. 
    Polyarn is colorfast and can be laundered commercially without fading. 
    Polyarn is resistant to chlorine which makes it the best choice for children’s clothing as well as swimming and active wear. The additional concern of “yellowing” associated with weathering and aging in nylon products is also avoided.
    Polyarn has a higher temperature resistance than nylon products. Iron safe on medium settings. 
    Polyarn has a wide range of uses, including hem sewing and decorative stitches.

Bonded Nylon Threads

Bonded Nylon thread is great for automotive interiors, upholstery, leather, heavy fabrics and more where a very strong thread is needed. Bonded nylon is the go-to thread in the upholstery industry.

Our bonded nylon thread is made of nylon 66, which is stronger and more durable than the regular nylon or nylon 6. Nylon 66 also has a higher melting point than standard nylon 6 and certain polyesters. The bonded coating holds up well against abrasion and wear-and-tear.Bonded Nylon 66 for Industrial use by Superior Threads 

View our sizes for Bonded Nylon here.

Solar Guard Thread (UV-safe bonded poly)

Solar Guard thread is made from bonded polyester. Use Solar Guard Thread when stitching items which will be exposed to UV rays or will be outdoors. Available in a variety of colors based on thickness.

Specialty Threads

Specialty thread is one of our most exciting types of thread. We carry the following types of specialty threads:

  • Vanish - Thread that dissolves in water, great for basting or temporarily holding things together
  • SunBurst - Thread that changes colors in the sun
  • Conductive ThreadFor use in applications such as gloves and clothing. Allows people to use smart phones and tablet devices without having to remove gloves. Other people have used conductive thread for adding lights or other electronics to apparel.  

We have also helped to design custom threads for various uses. Because of the unique nature of these threads, not all types are available for immediate sale. For industrial threads and custom order inquiries, please send an e-mail to .

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