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EPP with Bottom Line

English Paper Piecing with Bottom Line
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EPP + BL = How it should be.


The art of English Paper Piecing is surging in popularity, and rightfully so. Projects tend to be smaller in nature, which makes the portable aspect of EPP attractive. Many projects are on-the-go and can be stitched while waiting for appointments, during a pedicure (mind the needle when your feet get tickled), or when watching your favorite show. There's something therapeutic about the intricate nature of EPP. These small, accurate stitches build upon each other to create a beautiful finished result.

We've asked our friend Carla to tell us why she loves EPP and what her go-to thread is when EPPing. She graciously accepted and has written a fantastic article on EPP and included spectacular photos. To learn more about Carla and her work, please click the links at the bottom of the following section.

English Paper Piecing and The Bottom Line

English Paper Piecing and The Bottom Line

Hi, I'm Carla! I reside in Ontario, Canada with my husband, my 4 amazing kids & a moody but very doted on, Calico cat! I have a few hobbies that bring me joy, but first and foremost, I am an obsessed sewing enthusiast! I enjoy sewing everything from detailed English Paper Piecing projects to patchwork pouches to wallets, wristlets and quilts as well! 

I love to share more about my love for EPP: English Paper Piecing. English paper piecing is the art of folding fabric around paper shapes (hexagons, diamonds, triangles, etc...) and literally sewing the fabric onto the papers until you're ready to sew those shapes together! After you have attached your fabrics to your paper pieces, you take your little English paper pieces and sew them into bigger shapes and continue on with this small hand-sewn project, eventually turning it into a small, or a big project such a mug rug or a large and beautiful quilt for your bed! 

You've probably seen beautiful old quilts of your grandmothers with hexie flowers lovingly hand-stitched onto the quilt. It's very intricate and detailed work, but very rewarding and relaxing. I tend to work on my EPP projects in the evening to unwind and relax!

English Paper Piecing Samples

I've been EPPing for a while now and the one area where I have always found frustration was with the thread. I tried a handful of *very* popular high-end threads with each one leading to disappointment. They knot, they shred, they snap, and they tangle. Time and time again I'd get frustrated with my project and put it away until I had the patience to deal with my thread issues again. 

After searching for the *PERFECT* English Paper Piecing thread, with trials and experience, I can honestly say I have found it with Superior Threads' The Bottom Line thread. Honestly, I was expecting to be disappointed with this thread as I have been with the rest, but, since I have started using The Bottom Line thread I haven't had as much as a little snag or a hint of a tangle with my EPP projects!! I kid you not, I have turned friends onto this incredible thread and know that I am a fan for life! The Bottom Line is strong, durable, fine as silk and it does NOT knot, does NOT tangle, does NOT shred. 

As you can see in the photos, this thread literally disappears into the fabric! With my finished block below, I dare you to find a stitch holding the blocks together that you can see! Obviously I'm a fan!  On the finished project below, I used The Bottom Line thread for my entire EPP hexie flower pieces and to applique hexie flowers onto a linen mug rug, and again, perfection!  

I hope you'll give this English paper piecing technique a try, I think you'll quite enjoy it! Don't forget to start with The Bottom Line thread to save yourself the frustration of looking for the perfect thread. I have already found it for you! ;)

Carla Peicheff

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Tea Time, Carla Peicheff
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Bottom Line Color Card + Bohin Hand Needles

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Bohin Needles are French-made, high-quality nickel-plated steel, hand needles. Bohin has over 150 years of needle creating history. Considered the favorite among professionals, we know you will you enjoy the quality and feel of Bohin Needles.

Bohin Sharps are a great needle style for EPP. While personal opinions differ on the best size and style, we use the Sharp style in a size 9.

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