So Fine Polyester Quilting and Sewing Thread by Superior Threads

Superior's Selection of Polyester Threads

Superior Threads has a wide selection of Polyester Threads. From Invisible monofilament to high-sheen trilobal Polyester to Glow-in-the-dark thread.  We cater to all your embroidery, sewing, and quilting needs!

Bottom Line 60 wt. 2-ply polyester for the bobbin and stippling.

Fantastico #40/2-ply high-tenacity trilobal polyester in variegated colors. Great for quilting and embroidery.

Halo decorative polyester thread twisted with strands of metallic. Great for bobbin work, couching, or adding a fancy edge on a serger.

LAVA 35 wt. strong 3-ply polyester for quilting. Engineered especially for high-speed machines like longarms.

Living Colors 40 wt. premium high-sheen polyester. Colors have been created to match human skin tones.

Magnifico #40 high-tenacity trilobal polyester for quilting and embroidery.

MonoPoly heat-resistant invisible polyester. Clear and Smoke.

Nature Colors 40 wt. premium high-sheen polyester. Colors have been created to match hues found in nature.

NiteLite ExtraGlow glow-in-the-dark thread. Iron(low/med.) and dryer safe polyester. Fun for embroidery and detailed quilting.

OMNI Tex30 poly-wrapped poly-core (strong!) thread for quilting, general sewing, and serger.

Polyarn heat resistant "woollie-like" polyester for serger.

ProLock heat resistant "woollie-like" polyester for serger. Textured polyester with excellent stretch and durability.

Rainbows 40 wt. premium high-sheen variegated polyester. Excellent for quilting and embroidery.

Razzle Dazzle razzling dazzling polyester (for bobbin, serger, couching)

So Fine! #30 30/3-ply lint-free polyester for quilting.

So Fine! #40 lint-free variegated polyester. Matte-finished for projects that don't want the sheen of trilobal polyester.

So Fine! #50 Fantastic thread for general sewing, bobbin, and quilting when you don't want to focus on the thread.

Solar Guard bonded polyester thread for outdoor furnishings and upholstery. 

Super Brights premium high-sheen polyester in 12 fluorescent colors.

SuperBOBs The Bottom Line thread on L & M style prewound bobbins.

Tailor Made Tex 27 spun polyester. Excellent general sewing thread and serger thread.

Twist #40/2-ply amazing new polyester thread featuring two colors twisted together to create fantastic patterns. Wonderful for adding depth when embroidering.

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