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Superior Conductive thread is an innovative thread which carries electricity and completes electrical circuits. Made from Stainless Steel fiber (SS316L). This thread will not pass through a sewing machine needle and must be used in the bobbin, or couched, or by hand.

  • Tex 90 (approx. an 8 wt. thread).

  • Resistance rating of 4.5 ohms/foot.

  • Made from stainless steel fibers.

  • View our Tutorials and Diagrams for more information and tips.

Recommended Needle and Tension Settings

Conductive thread is too delicate to run through a needle. Wind onto a bobbin or couch it onto your project.

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Your products are very helpful. I really love English paper piecing and find your silk thread very terrific to work with. I am working on many heirlooms and I am happy I can afford your fine products. :) Hard work pays off and I am so happy I now have loads of hexagons waiting to be made into quilts.