NiteLite Glow Polyester Thread

40 wt./3-ply Glow-in-the-dark Polyester thread. Designed for Embroidery, Quilting, and Decorative Stitching. NiteLite ExtraGlow is a fun, creative thread for quilting, embroidery, and decorative stitching. It is popular for children's pillowcases, blankets, quilts, and pajamas. Available in 6 colors. Expose it to light for 30-60 seconds and it will glow for hours. NiteLite can be recharged over and over again without loss of glowing effect. A dense stitch pattern will provide a better glow than a single stitch. Be creative in your next project and add some glow-in-the-dark NiteLite for a glowing effect.

  • Available in 6 colors.

  • Charge in natural or artificial light for 30-60 seconds.

  • Glow time is up to six hours, night after night.

  • Washer and dryer safe. Do not bleach or iron.

Recommended Needle and Tension Settings

Home Machines: Topstitch #90/14. Set tension to 3.0

Longarm Machines: #18 (MR 4.0). Reduce tension as necessary.

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