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Thread Holder

Superior Thread Holder

The Superior Thread Holder is an innovative notion for thread delivery. It is designed to be used with both spools and cones. The Superior Thread Holder allows Home Machine sewists to sew with large cones as well as specialty threads as it is important for threads to unwind off the cone/spool the same pattern as they were wound. There are multiple threading options for specialty threads, including Metallic thread. The Superior Thread Holder stands over 15" tall when fully extended, can be used horizontally or vertically, and is lightweight and portable.

Superior's Heavy Duty Thread Stand (metal) is a weighted, all metal thread stand. This thread stand allows cones to be used on Home Sewing Machines. It measures 18.5" tall and the base is 5.5" across (circular).

What Our Customers Say About Us

I want to thank you for your video about Thread delivery. I never knew why some threads behaved badly in my machines. You are right, no class or teacher ever told me my thread was unwinding incorrectly. I put many projects aside because of bad stitches. Now I can take them out and correct them.