#30 (30 wt.) Threads

So Fine! #30  

Tire Silk #30

Treasure Hand Quilting Thread

So Fine #30 Color Card

Tire Silk #30 Color Card

Treasure Color Card

So Fine #30 Color Card

Treasure Hand Quilting Color Card

#30 (30 wt.) Threads by Superior Threads

So Fine! #30

So Fine! #30 is a bright and beautiful #30/3-ply filament polyester. Lint free and extra strong for machine quilting, outlining, and heavier-thread embroidery. So Fine! #30 is also used for certain apparel and industrial applications where a filament polyester is preferred.

  • Available in 50 solid colors. 
  • Lint-free and colorfast.
  • Ideal for quilting, outlining, and embroidery.
  • Amazingly bright colors.


Treasure is a #30/3-ply coated extra-long staple cotton for hand quilting.  Treasure is coated with a wax which adds the necessary strength for the stress of hand quilting.  25 colors are perfect for heirloom, dresses, quilts, and any project that calls for hand work.  

  • Available in 25 colors.
  • Specially designed colors for hand quilting.
  • #30/3-ply coated extra-long staple cotton.
  • One-inch precise color change.

Tire #30 Silk

  • Available in 171 colors.
  • Tire Silk is available in two sizes, #30 and #50.
  • Ideal for embroidery, quilting, and appliqué.
  • Can be used for stringing pearls/beading.
  • Colorfast.
  • Tire #30 = Size D (.29 mm in diameter).

Recommended Needle and Tension Settings

Home Machines: Topstitch #100/16. Set tension to 2.0-3.0

Longarm Machines: #21 (MR 5.0).  Reduce tension as necessary.