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Polyarn DTY Textured Polyester Thread for Serger by Superior Threads

Replace “woollie-like” nylon products with a heat resistant and colorfast “woollie” polyester. Polyarn is an exciting new texturized (DTY) thread designed for sewing on fleece, knits, and stretch fabrics. Polyarn has the bulk, elasticity, and flexibility popularized by "woollie-like” nylon, but has several important benefits.

  • Polyarn is colorfast and can be laundered commercially without fading. 
  • Polyarn is resistant to chlorine which makes it the best choice for children’s clothing as well as swimming and active wear. 
  • The additional concern of “yellowing” associated with weathering and aging of nylon products is avoided.
  • Polyarn has a higher temperature resistance than nylon products. Iron safe on medium heat settings. 
  • Polyarn has a wide range of uses including hem sewing and decorative stitching.
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Polyarn is a Tex 26 Textured Polyester (DTY). Strength = 880 gf. Elongation = 28%

Recommended Needle and Tension Settings

Polyarn is meant for sergers/overlock machines.