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Our Groz-Beckert Longarm Needles are specifically made for multi-directional use, which is exactly what longarm machines need. Multi-directional design means more accurate stitching while moving the machine in any direction. Extra strength allows maximum flexibility and bending. The deep scarf prevents skipped stitches, less puckering, and less thread breakage. (The 'MR' style designates the needle as Multi-directional, also called a Specialty Application Needle or SAN)

  • FFG is a considered a "light ball" and not a regular ball point. FFG is suitable for woven cotton fabrics. Groz-Beckert makes only FFG points in the titanium-coated SAN 11 needles.

  • R point needles are considered 'rounded sharps' and are suitable for woven fabrics. Currently, the R point is not available with titanium-coating in the preferred SAN 11 style.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I have a Gammill Supreme, which has a 36 inch throat, so the top thread path is quite long. Fantastico and Magnifico were frequently breaking.  I tried many things with no success.

However, after speaking with you at the convention, I decided to try relieving the tension via the three hold guide near the front of the machine.  Normally, I go through the top hole, wind around, then through the bottom hole.  I tried just having the thread pass through the bottom hole with no winding.  

Voila.  Worked great.  I took the most difficult of my Fantastico threads and have completed six quilts with no problem.  And, since there were no other changes, it is very easy to change back for using other threads. Thank you for helping me solve my thread issues.