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Quilt Guilds always seem to be looking for ideas for guild meetings. Below are some Superior ideas:

Possible Quilt Guild Ideas from Superior Threads

1. Superior University. Superior University is a wonderful option for quilt guilds. It's educational, fun, and easy to implement. Best of all, we've done all the work. All you have to do is sign-up!

2. Texture Magic Projects.  Texture Magic, one of our newest products, is a fabric that shrinks 30% in all directions once you apply steam. We also have 18 Texture Magic patterns for fun projects. From baby bibs to quilts, or from stockings to elegant handbags, Texture Magic is a fun product that adds unique texture to any project.

3. Seminars.  Superior Threads is often invited to guilds to present seminars and hands-on classes.  Visit our seminar page for more information about seminars offered by Superior Threads.  

4. School of Threadology.  During a fun and busy three-day session, we teach you all about thread.  Spend three days learning from Superior Educators in beautiful St. George, Utah.  For additional information, visit our School of Threadology page.

5. DVD Seminar.  Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob is a live recording of Bob's most popular seminar.  This DVD is loaded with useful information and is both educational and entertaining to show at guild meetings.

6. Quilt Guild Retreats. Use our spacious School of Threadology facility for your next guild retreat or friendly gathering. Imagine spending a few days in a fantastic quilting atmosphere and enjoying the surrounding red rocks of southern Utah.   St. George is full of hiking, golfing, spas, shopping, nearby national parks, and much more! Send an e-mail to for more information.

User-Submitted Quilt Guild Ideas
The following quilt guild ideas have been submitted by individuals from various locations. If you have additional ideas or suggestions, please send an e-mail to

1. Quilt Guild Retreats

2. Have a party where guild members can trade and exchange quilt supplies, such as thread, fabric, or other notions.

3. Have a fashion show of garments that were made

4. Spend a night making charity quilts