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Superior has two types of Sewing Threads: Cotton and Polyester

Our Polyester sewing threads are available in hundreds of colors and several thicknesses. With each thread line being useful for a specific application, or many applications, you'll find the right thread for each sewing or serging project.
Our Cotton sewing thread, MasterPiece, is primarily used to sew quilts together and is referred to as piecing thread.

Sew Complete Polyester Thread

Polyester Threads

Sew Complete

Sew Complete is a 50 wt. (standard sewing weight) poly-wrapped poly core thread available in 25 functional colors and wound on 300 yd. spools. Sewing with Sew Complete will solve many frustrations and provide smooth stitches, reduced puckering on fabrics, and because of its strength, will minimize thread breaks. The corespun makeup (poly-wrapped poly core fibers) allow Sew Complete to 'grab' the fabric upon stitch creation. This helps keep your stitches secure and the stitch quality high.
We have 4 convenient spool sets within the Sew Complete thread line. These thread sets allow you to collect a colorway of bright colors, neutral colors, and soft colors with 8 spools per set in an attractive box. Our fourth set is a spool of all 25 colors.

So Fine!

So Fine! is a smooth, strong, lint-free thread designed for sewing and quilting. Both Home machines and Longarm machines love this thread due to its fine nature and ease of use. So Fine! is a #50/3 ply filament polyester. Because of the filament polyester fibers, So Fine! displaces no lint. This allows your machine to run wonderfully, without any lint buildup. The matte finish has excellent blending characteristics and the colors selection is both wide and deep. With 134 colors to choose from, you will be able to find precisely what you need for your project.

Sergin' General Polyester Thread

Sergin' General

Sergin' General is the cleanest serger thread available. With excellent strength and elongation (stretch quality), you will experience smooth stitches with less puckering. Available in 50 solid colors which have been specifically chosen for their blending tones and ability to work with many different fabric colors. Sergin' General is wound on convenient, 3,000 yd. cones and will fit on your serger comfortably. View our detailed flyer and color list here. Similar to Sew Complete, Sergin' General is created from poly-wrapped poly core fibers and as a result, is very strong and displaces minimal lint as it passes through the many contact points in a serger. Enjoy Superior confidence when sewing with Sergin' General.

Cotton Threads

MasterPiece Cotton Piecing Thread


Our cotton sewing thread is MasterPiece. It is a wonderful, clean running, finer-weight thread, designed for piecing quilts together.  When piecing with MasterPiece, seams lie flatter, points match, and blocks fit better. This is because it is a #50 extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton. Which means MasterPiece is a finer, smoother cotton that when ironed, buries in the seam without any bulk. No need for a scant quarter inch seam. MasterPiece does it for you. The advantage of the extra-long staple is it creates a very low-lint cotton piecing thread. MasterPiece is available in many colors so there is no excuse not to match the thread to your fabric. Gone is the myth that neutral piecing colors are Tan, Gray, & Beige. If you don't want to see your piecing, you need to match your thread with your fabric. That is the neutral specific color for your quilt.