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Superior Bonded Nylon #277

Superior's Bonded Nylon #277 Upholstery ThreadSuperior Bonded Nylon #277 (also known as Tex 270 or 4-cord) is a heavy-duty thread used for a variety of applications including stitching on leather, tarps, canvas, and other types of upholstery where a thick thread is wanted.  Many upholsterers who work with leather furniture choose to stitch with Bonded Nylon #277 as it has superior strength and binds fabrics together well.

Our Bonded Nylon #277 is available in 16 colors wound onto 1lbs cones. Along with the standard black and white, we offer a series of bold and bright color options. Purple, Blue, Pink, Orange, and other hues can be used for contrasting fabrics.  It is widely popular to use contrasting threads to achieve a designer look for indoor furnishings. Because Bonded Nylon #277 is a thick thread, the contrasting colors of the upholstery fabric and the thread make for a very appealing combination.

Saddle makers, boot makers, and other western-wear producers utilize the thickness of Superior’s Bonded Nylon #277 because of the high-tenacity property.  #277 has a breaking strength of about 45 lbs.

The recommended needle size is a #24 or #26.  The larger eye is necessary because of the large diameter of the thread.  

The bonding agent which Superior’s Bonded Nylon is coated with, gives the thread strength and also helps to reduce friction at the needle.  Commercial machines have a much higher stitch-per-minute rate than home sewing machines, so the bonding agent is necessary to avoid breakage and snagging.

Superior Threads guarantees excellent customer service along with a high-integrity product.

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Bonded Nylon #277 by Superior Threads