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“I have two granddaughters and one grandson who come to see me and head right into my sewing room, wanting to know what we are going to make today.”

"I have a granddaughter who loves to have me sew her quilts and doll quilts for her. She will sit in my lap and tell me which fabric scraps to add next to her doll quilts!  I would love to give her the opportunity to learn to love sewing!”

“I would like to better know how to teach her to sew properly.  She has wanted to learn and I have tried to teach her to sew but am unsure as to how to start!”

"It is very special to me to pass on my love of sewing and quilting to my Granddaughter.”

The above comments are a sample of many we have received in regards to Superior Jr. College. Superior Junior College has been designed to introduce and encourage the love of sewing to the next generation. This is a team effort. Our goal is to help parents, grandmothers, great grandmothers, teachers, aunts, leaders, and neighbors introduce, teach, and instill a love of sewing in the next generation. The Jr. College will ship on a monthly basis and is only $16.95 per distribution. Once enrolled, you will be automatically charged each month but can cancel at any time.

Our Role as Superior Threads
We are dedicated to sewing. We realize the importance of learning the right way from the beginning.
We will supply quality and fun threads, provide simple, yet interesting projects.

The Participant’s Role
Children are naturally creative. They want to learn new skills.  Boys and girls both have interest in learning and creating. Sewing is a way to create something new and useful while learning a valuable skill. We have designed all projects for children aged 8-17, however, with more help and direction from a coach, there is no reason why a 5 or 6 year old child wouldn't be able to create these projects.

Your Role as Coach, Teacher, Leader, Mentor, Idol
Love the child and love sewing. Exercise patience while teaching. The projects are designed to be simple and fun, not award winning quilts. Don’t expect perfection.  Crooked seams and non-matching colors are perfectly fine in the beginning. Reward your student with constant praise and encouragement. Children will repeat behaviors that bring praise.
Provide the right tools, including an easy-to-use quality machine.  Your old machine is fine if it is easy to use. A cheap discount store model may cause frustration if it won’t sew well.
Use quality thread and the right needle. 

The Small Print: 
Open enrollment. Stop anytime. No contract. No registration fees/federal excise taxes/dealer prep/fuel surcharges, destination charges, or other fast-talking hidden charges. Additional items cannot be added to your Jr. College shipments.

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