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Download Instructions & Pattern as a PDF 

Materials Needed: (Download instructions & pattern as a PDF)

Cute Baby Necktie Onesie

  • Solid-colored onesie with no designs or pattern on it.
  • Fat quarter of fabric. (Browse our Fabric)
  • Matching Thread. (We recommend So Fine!#50 or MasterPiece)
  • Tie pattern
  • Freezer paper x 1 ft.
  • Iron
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or hand sewing needle
  • Batting (optional - Gives tie a puffier look. 6”x6” needed)
  • Paper Towel


  1. Cut freezer paper into 4ths.
  2. Place a sheet of paper towel on ironing board then place one section of freezer paper on top of paper towel, with wax side down.
  3. Iron the freezer paper to paper towel using steam and then peel off paper towel from back. (This will prevent the bottom layer of wax melting to unwanted things.)
  4. Continue ironing on the remaining 3 sections of freezer paper to each other with the wax side down. This will produce a construction paper thickness.
  5. Cut out the cute tie pattern from printout. Place cutout on freezer paper and cut out pattern.
  6. Now place wax side of thick freezer paper to wrong side of tie fabric. (If using striped fabric, be sure to place both top and bottom part of tie sections at opposing 45 degree angles. This will create a designer tie look.)
  7. Iron freezer paper to fabric. There should be enough wax left over on the bottom of freezer paper to adhere to the fabric.
  8. Now cut out the fabric ½” bigger than freezer paper. (We just eyeball it.)
  9. With the iron, press the fabric seam over the freezer paper on all edges.
  10. Remove freezer paper from fabric and press seam flat again.  (If batting is preferred to give tie a puffier look, follow steps 11-12. If not skip these steps.)
  11. Use freezer paper tie cutout to cut batting out. (We like to cut the batting as the same size of freezer paper or about 1/8” smaller.)
  12. Place batting on wrong side of fabric cutout and tuck under seam.
  13. Now place top fabric tie piece onto onesie. Be sure to make it snug with the neckline onesie seam. Pin in place.
  14. Don’t be shy with using a lot of pins. We noticed the fewer pins we used, the more likely we were to stretch the onesie fabric and sew the tie in the wrong place.
  15. Place the 'bottom' tie piece onto onesie. Be sure to tuck the top edge under bottom edge of top tie piece. Pin in place.
  16. Time to Sew!
  17. When using a sewing machine, unbutton the bottom of the onesie and manipulate fabric under the sewing machine so as not to sew the tie to both the front and back of the onesie.
  18. Sew a straight stitch an 1/8 in from the edge starting across the bottom of the knot piece. By starting it this way, you can sew the outline in one shot. No need for double sewing. (Click to view diagram)
  19. Voila!! Now you have a complete and cute necktie onesie!