Needles » Home Machine Needles » #10 RG Point UY 118 GKS 70
Needles » Home Machine Needles » #10 RG Point UY 118 GKS 70

#10 RG Point UY 118 GKS 70


Needle system UY 118 for flat seamers

Point style: RG

Needle size: 70 / 10

Coating: Chromium

Length butt to eye: 366

Shank diameter: 150


The production of flawless flat and closing seams at extreme sewing speeds pushes needles to the limits of their capability. The quality demands made on these needles are accordingly high. A frequently occurring problem are skipped stitches due to imprecise needle alignment and insufficient needle straightness.

To counter this effect, the shank and blade geometry of the UY 118 needle system is designed to guarantee a perfect alignment in the machine. This is also reflected in low penetration forces, which bring about a reduction of stitch damage. Additional benefits such as reduced needle and thread breakage help improve process reliability and quality of seams.

SKU: 507-UY118GKS-10

Product Details

Needle Point RG
Needle Size 70/10