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Automotive Upholstery Threads

When it comes to automotive sewing, having a strong, durable thread to keep the upholstery together will make the process of creating much more enjoyable. Whether you want an automotive upholstery thread that blends or provides stark contrast to the materials, we recommend using a quality bonded polyester thread.

Superior's Bonded Polyester is recommended for auto upholstery over other fibers, such as Bonded Nylon. This is because polyester fibers have greater resistance to the damage caused by UV rays and exposure compared to nylon fibers. The strength is comparable; however, bonded nylon threads are generally stronger than bonded polyester threads. With that said, for most automotive sewing requirements, bonded polyester threads are very strong and can withstand the tight tension of commercial sewing machines while stitching through several layers of material and foam.

Bonded upholstery thread
Contrast stitching with bonded polyester upholstery thread
Glow in the dark upholstery thread
SewGlow glow-in-the-dark upholstery thread

For a truly unique auto upholstery creation, sew the seams together with SewGlow, our glow-in-the-dark upholstery thread. We recently attended the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and several show vehicles were stitched with our unique SewGlow thread. SewGlow is made from bonded polyester fibers that have glowing pigment impregnated into the fibers. The glowing effect lasts several minutes (with a bright glow and slowly fades) and can be recharged over and over again.

The bonding agent that coats the thread increases its strength and provides excellent abrasion resistance. This is really helpful when stitching at high-speeds through thick material. If you've ever sewn at high speeds before and encountered flaking, shredding, or breaking of the thread. You'll understand why an evenly-coated bonded thread is a much better choice than an un-coated thread. Sew with Superior's Bonded Polyester thread on your next auto upholstery project.

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