Superior's Threads for Binding

Binding is an important step in the creation of a quilt; it also happens to be the final step in the creation of a quilt. When binding a quilt, it's preferred to have a fine (thin) and strong thread. Using a thread with these traits allows you to create small, tight stitches that don't add any bulk at the seams. Whether binding is done by hand or by machine, a thread with a strong tensile strength makes the process much more enjoyable. A binding thread shouldn't be visible, which is why we recommend our finest threads.

Quilt with envelope binding
A quilt with envelope binding method

Kimono Silk is an excellent thread choice for binding

Our binding threads:

Bottom Line

60 wt./2-ply polyester thread. Designed for applique, bobbin thread, and quilting. Lint free never felt so good. Designed with award-winning quilter Libby Lehman, The Bottom Line makes a fantastic bobbin thread for any type of sewing. Its lightweight, blending colors are easily matched with any top thread. Available in 55 colors. Invisible applique and binding is a breeze with Bottom Line as it glides through layers of fabric.

Kimono Silk

100 wt./2-ply filament silk thread. Designed for quilting, applique, and binding. Kimono Silk is incredibly smooth and strong, especially considering its fine diameter. A favorite for binding quilts, by hand or machine.

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