Threads for Bobbinwork

Reverse Quilting (also known as Bobbinwork) is the application of using the bobbin thread to be the top decorative thread on top of a quilt. Wind a bobbin with the thread of your choice, flip the quilt sandwich over, so the back is now on top, and start stitching. The top thread will now be on the back of the quilt, while the bobbin thread on the top. Almost any thread can be ran through the bobbin, which makes Bobbinwork a great way to incorporate heavy and decorative threads into quilts and embroidery designs.

Razzle Dazzle bobbinwork thread

Our bobbinwork threads:

Razzle Dazzle

8 wt. polyester thread with strands of metallic thread intertwined. Razzle Dazzle adds a bold presence when sewn in the loopers of a serger or when wound on a bobbin thread for reverse quilting. Bobbinwork (reverse quilting) designs look fantastic with Razzle Dazzle's shimmer and stitch presence. Available in 25 colors.


40 wt./2-ply (Tex 30) polyester thread with strands of metallic thread intertwined. Halo is thinner than Razzle Dazzle, but is a beautiful thread for reverse quilting when a more subtle effect is wanted. Thin strands of metallic film provide excellent sheen and with 36 variegated colors to choose from, you'll find a color blend to work with nearly any fabric combination.

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