Bonded Polyester Thread

Superior Threads offers high-quality bonded polyester thread for commercial and industrial sewing machines. Bonded polyester thread, also called bonded poly, looks, feels, and sews much like a bonded nylon thread, but bonded polyester thread has better resistance against UV rays and mildew compared to bonded nylon thread. This is due to the inherent qualities of polyester fibers. The special resin coating that gives the thread a bonded construction aides in smooth stitching with reduced friction at the needle, allowing you to stitch at a higher stitches per minute speed with fewer thread breaks. We recommend sewing with bonded polyester thread when the finished good, be it a boat cover, outdoor furniture, or awning is exposed to UV rays and sunlight.

Bonded Polyester Threads

Our Bonded polyester thread is commonly used in the following sewing applications and projects:

  • Awnings
  • Backpacks
  • Car/Boat covers
  • Outdoor furniture (patio furniture)
  • Auto/Marine upholstery
  • Saddles
  • Tents
  • Leatherwork
  • Holsters and belts

Bonded polyester thread is well known for its high-strength qualities and fantastic UV resistance. While there's less emphasis on the fantastic color range, finding the right color thread for your project is likely the most important aspect of any sewing project. We stock over dozens different colors of Bonded polyester thread in multiple sizes/thicknesses. Starting at #69 all the way to #346, we've got a bonded polyester thread that will work in your commercial sewing machine and can handle the stress and rigors of high-speed stitching through thick material.

Bonded polyester thread is diverse and can be used as a top and bobbin thread at the same time. We find the best results when matching thread color top and bobbin as it helps offset any obvious tension inconsistencies (black thread in the bobbin and white thread on top; if the tension is balanced, you will see the bobbin thread poking through the top).

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