Copper Enamel Ammonite by: Kimberly Lacy

Quilters gain inspiration in numerous ways: a favored old photograph, a wildlife scene in a magazine or a cause that stroked interest. Not many quilters would find their inspiration in geology and paleontology, which is what makes Kimberly Lacy’s work so fascinating. It’s something we haven’t seen before.

Kimberly has explored the fractal nature of ammonites and even fabricated quilts exemplifying their intricate design. Her quilt Copper Enamel Ammonite won first place in the Painted Art Quilts category at International Quilt Festival in Houston 2018. The quilt was designed to resemble the texture of copper enameling, which involves melting glass onto copper.

The face of the quilt is a single piece of orange dupioni silk. Kimberly intricately painted it with metallic fabric paints, then quilted around each painted shape 2-3 times to achieve a mosaic effect. She utilized Superior Threads Magnifico; a strong, high-sheen, high-strength trilobal polyester thread. Sunstone cotton was applied to the back as a finishing touch.

We are in awe of the detail work in this quilt. Kimberly is truly an artist and we congratulate her on Copper Enamel Ammonite’s first place win. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. To view more of her past work, visit her website at

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