Cotton Thread

Superior Threads has created a strong reputation of high-quality cotton thread. Although cotton thread seems like a very specific type of thread, there is a wide range in the quality of cotton. It is critical to choose a quality cotton thread for every project.

Superior Threads’ cotton thread has endured rigorous quality testing before becoming available for sale. We believe in creating a quality cotton thread from the very beginning of the manufacturing process, and there is a lot involved to make that happen. Our cotton thread is created from cotton stock that is actually grown in Egypt! It is common for companies to call any cotton ‘Egyptian Cotton’, but our cotton is truly Egyptian-grown cotton. When we refer to a product as ‘Egyptian-grown cotton’, we mean it! We choose Egypt as our cotton source because the highest quality cotton fibers come from there.

Once the cotton is mature for harvesting, cotton stock is sent to our facilities in Japan where the cotton thread is dyed and wound onto spools. Japan has unique technology used for precision dyeing. Our variegated cotton thread has consistent color changing, assuring you that you won’t see blending or fading in your stitches.

King Tut Cotton Thread
King Tut Egpytian-grown cotton thread

Professionals throughout the industry use and recommend our cotton thread for various reasons. They rely on us and trust us to provide quality cotton thread and other types of thread. You want to look for a cotton thread with low lint, a smooth feel, and a little bit of fuzz. Cotton thread that does not have any fuzz is most likely coated. This would probably be OK for hand-quilting, but machines will typically not run coated threads very well. The coating generally results in residue build-up in machines, and additional frustration spent cleaning your machine.

High-quality cotton thread will run better on your machine, create a better stitch, and will help add more value to your project! Superior Threads guarantees our cotton thread will run smoothly on any normally-maintained machine. Once you try our cotton thread, you will be able to see for yourself why so many quilters and artists have used our cotton thread in their show quilts.

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