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Fantastico Replaces LAVA

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Fantastico, LAVA's Improvement

Meet Fantastico, a high-strength, high-sheen variegated trilobal polyester thread perfect for quilting, embroidery, thread painting, and decorative stitching. Fantastico is better and not as bulky as LAVA. We have replaced LAVA (only 39 color choices) with this amazing thread that has 158 colors available. We have replaced LAVA (39 color choices) with this amazing thread. Fantastico is available in over 150 colors, is less expensive, and is brighter. Fantastico is in the same family of threads as our Magnifico and Twist thread lines. We are sure you will enjoy using Fantastico.

We recommend using a Topstitch #90/14 needle with Fantastico on a home sewing machine and a #18 (MR 4.0) on a longarm machine.

View our Fantastico thread.

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