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Trouble with appliqueing on my Bernina

Q. I am using your MonoPoly thread for applique on my Bernina 820 and am having trouble with the top thread catching on the hook assembly. I have my top tension at 1.0, stitch width at 1.0, stitch length at 1.0, and have loosened my bobbin tension by one click to the left. I am using Bottom Line in the bobbin. The top thread is catching and will stop the advance of the fabric until you stop and rethread the bobbin and pull out the broken piece of top thread caught in the hood assembly.

I also tried it on my Bernina 1260 with similar results. Thank you for your help. I love all of your threads that I have tried. This is the only one my domestic machines don't seem to like. I have a cone of MonoPoly and ran it on my APQS Millenium with no problems at all.

King Tut cotton thread in black and green

A. We should be able to fix this problem easily. Are you using a zigzag or blanket stitch with this current setup? If so, increase the stitch length to double that of the width. There have been times where my stitch density has affected my stitchability when sewing with delicate threads. If you still experience breakage, please loosen your bobbin tension a bit more. There may be an unequal balance between your top and bottom tension. Please refer to our Bobbin Tension article for further instruction.

Customer Response:
Thank you for your response. I was using a small zigzag stitch. I switched machines and changed the needle size from a Topstitch 70/10 to a Topstitch 80/12 and adjusted the bobbin tension and that seemed to correct the problem for the most part. Thanks again for the great thread products you give us to use!

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