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How to use MonoPoly on a Gammill

Q. I was using your monofilament thread on my Gammill and had thread breakage multiple times. I tried loosening my tension and re-threading and still the thread was breaking. Do you have any tips on how to successfully use MonoPoly on a Gammill without the thread breaking?

The takeup lever of a sewing machine
Thread not properly seated in the takeup lever
Eyelashes from bad tension
Example of eyelashes from uneven tension

A. Our reduced-sheen monofilament polyester is the best choice when it comes to invisible threads. Unlike other monofilament threads made from weaker nylon materials, MonoPoly is made from polyester. Commonly referred to as an invisible thread due to its fineness and reduced-sheen, MonoPoly is great for the bobbin or top.

Below is a list of tips and hints to try while using MonoPoly on your Gammill.

  • Use a Handy Net on the cone
  • Use only the center hole on the three-hole flat thread guide
  • Lower the tension to the very lowest, just before the knob falls off
  • Use a #90/14 (MR 3.0) size needle
  • In the bobbin, instead of using MonoPoly use either So Fine! #50 or Bottom Line
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