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New Brytes Name Change

  • New Brytes
  • So Fine! #30

So Fine! #30 is the same wonderful thread as New Brytes

So Fine! #30 (formerly called New Brytes) is the exact same thread fiber type as So Fine! #50, but heavier. This thread is intended to be bold, bright, and visible. So Fine! #30 is lint-free and strong for machine quilting, decorative stitching, outlining, and heavier-thread embroidery. If you thought New Brytes was gone, we are glad you now know it is still around. Browse our selection of So Fine! #30 today, and add that flair and contrast you are looking for.

For Home Machines we recommend using our Superior Topstitch #100/16 needle, and a #21 (MR 5.0) on longarm machines.

Bonded nylon thread for leather sewing

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