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Why are we so proud of our Metallic thread?

Let me give you a little backstory.

I wanted a beautiful, shiny, metallic quilting thread, but the threads available 15 years ago kept breaking on me! I felt that no matter what I did with my machine, those pesky spools of metallic thread refused to stitch correctly. But they were all too happy to tangle, break, and help take years off my life.

Enter my husband, the problem solver. He saw how annoyed and frustrated I was using these less- than- useful threads. He knows how I need quilting to keep my sanity and those metallic threads in question were actually adding to my insanity. He decided to do something about it. (I know, knight in shining armor, right?)

Topstitch needle style
A nickel-plated needle on top and a titanium-coated needle on bottom

We LOVE prewound bobbins for their convenience

He made it his undertaking to find a metallic thread which would be guaranteed to work. So off to Japan he went. We went through several processes to find the perfect, high quality, emphasis on WORKING metallic thread.

And thus, Superior Metallic was born. A fusion of high-quality raw materials and an incredible processing technique that makes the thread strong enough to use for commercial embroidering and quilting!

Our Metallic Thread is guaranteed to work in your home sewing machine, longarm, and embroidery machine. I dare you to try it and not love it.

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