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I love Superior's Topstitch needles, are they available for longarm machines?

Q. My favorite needle to use on my home machine is Superior's Topstitch #70/10 or #80/12 needle, depending on what thread I'm using. I especially like the sharpness of the tip and the very large eye. It makes the threading process so much easier and has nearly eliminated thread breaks. I recently bought a Baby Lock Tiara (16" sit-down midarm machine) which takes industrial needles. Is there a longarm needle available that has the features of Superior's Topstitch needle for my new Tiara machine?

Groz-Beckert longarm needles
Groz-Beckert needles
Titanium-coated longarm needle
SAN by Groz-Beckert

A.The Groz-Beckert industrial needles we sell for longarm machines and midarm machines, including your Tiara, don't have the same specifications as our Topstitch needle. The size, both length and diameter, the applications, and wear is quite different between a home machine needle and an industrial or commercial needle. We can't make a direct comparison between our Topstitch needles and a longarm needle. However, Groz-Beckert manufactures a specific type of needle which has several traits that are very beneficial for longarm quilting. The Special Application Needle, classified with the acronym SAN on the printed label, are made for machines which move in multiple directions or have fabric which moves in multiple directions. A SAN needle has a deep groove and a large eye, both beneficial for reducing thread breaks when stitching at high speeds.

We use and recommend Groz-Beckerts SAN-style needles for longarm machines and midarm machines.

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