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TOWA Bobbin Gauge Template

The TOWA Bobbin Gauge is excellent for all longarm and midarm quilters who want to take the frustration out of adjusting bobbin tension. Who doesn't want to ease this frustration?! We have created a template containing our recommended bobbin tension settings that is applicable for all longarm machines. Home machines typically don't need as much bobbin tension adjustments as longarm machines.

TOWA bobbin guage

The TOWA bobbin gauge works by measuring the resistance of the bobbin thread coming out of the bobbin case against a series of pulleys. Bobbin tension can be increased or decreased by turning the small screw on the bobbin case in small movements. Unlike the top tension of a sewing machine or longarm machine which requires significant rotational movement to adjust tension, turning the screw 1/4 turn in either direction can have a large impact in bobbin tension. By associating a numerical value for bobbin tension, it is easy to dial the bobbin tension in with each new bobbin or when swapping top threads. Using the TOWA bobbin gauge in your longarm quilting routine will save you time and help you start each quilt with proper bobbin tension.

If you do not already have a TOWA bobbin gauge or have questions on how to use this tool to set the bobbin tension correctly, please watch our video on the bobbin gauge.

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