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Q. I have recently completed a quilt that has your nice Superior metallic thread accent quilted throughout many blocks. I plan on washing the quilt before I give it to a friend and am wondering if there is anything special I need to do when washing? Should I treat this quilt any differently than my other quilts when I launder it?

A. Congratulations on finishing another quilt! Our Superior Metallics thread is made from the highest-quality raw materials and then processed through advanced technology, making it the best metallic thread to use and an all around fantastic decorative thread for quilting. Because of the advanced processing it undergoes, there is a thin coating on the thread to prevent it from oxidizing. When washing, use normal washing detergent on a delicate/slow cycle and tumble dry on a low heat setting. Avoid bleach, bleach alternatives, or oxidizing agents. If you have a shirt that has Metallic thread embroidered on it, turn the shirt inside out before washing to help prevent the thread rubbing against fabric or itself.

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