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Bobbin Capacity

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How much thread does a bobbin hold?

There is a significant difference in the amount of thread content between a self-wound bobbin and a professionally wound prewound bobbin. Even among self-wound bobbins, there will be differences due to machine winding tension settings, speed, and size of thread. Some home sewing machines have a small, separate motor for winding bobbins, while other machines use the single motor onboard to turn the bobbin winding shaft.

In most cases, professionally-wound prewound bobbins will have more thread on them because of the precision machinery that is used to wind thread onto the bobbin core (or plastic bobbin) and the consistent tension that is applied throughout the winding process. Our precision-wound prewound bobbins contain 30-50% more thread than a bobbin that has been wound on a home sewing machine.

Super Bobs Cotton prewound bobbins

We encourage you to try them and see the difference upwards of 50% more thread makes. You will be sewing and quilting with fewer interruptions and can simply pop a new prewound bobbin into the bobbin case when the thread runs out.

Our results from winding bobbins on our home sewing machines:
  • Class 15 Bobbin
    • Bottom Line: 83 yds.
    • Masterpiece: 64 yds.
    • Another brand of cotton thread: 46 yds.
    • So Fine!: 49 yds.
  • L-style Bobbin
    • Bottom Line: 66 yds.
    • Masterpiece: 50 yds.
    • Another brand of cotton thread: 37 yds.
    • So Fine!: 38 yds.
  • M-style bobbin
    • Bottom Line: 125 yds.
    • Masterpiece: 99 yds.
    • Another brand of cotton thread: 71 yds.
    • So Fine: 92 yds.
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