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Understanding the sizes of bonded threads

Superior's Bonded Nylon and Bonded Polyester threads are strong, colorfast, mildew-resistant threads that are used in heavy-duty sewing applications. Both thread types are available in several different thicknesses and each thickness is best used for certain sewing applications. #277 is a thick thread (in both Bonded Nylon and Bonded Polyester) and is used for contrast stitching and applications where the thread is meant to be seen. Bold colors with visible stitches allow for a dramatic contrast when sewing with Bonded #277.

#69 is the standard bonded thread size used for regular upholstery applications. It's thinner than #277 (the smaller the number, the thinner the thread), but is still quite strong and can be sewn at high speeds without the worry of thread breakage.

Bonded Thread Diameter Guide

We created this handy reference guide to help you visualize the differences between bonded thread diameter. Because it can be difficult to envision a thickness of thread when you don't have something to compare it against, we decided to make this diagram to help you find the right thread for your project.

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