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We know that not all sewing projects are stitched on lightweight cotton fabrics. Duck cloth, canvas, leather, vinyl, and knits are other popular material choices that are utilized depending on the specifics of the sewing project. When sewing on heavy, dense, or thick materials, it is recommended to take a unique approach regarding needle type and size and thread fiber and thickness. The term fabric is typically used when associating cotton or knit fabrics and the word material is typically used to describe non-crafting fabrics.

Most sewn projects using heavier fabrics are for upholstery or mechanical purposes. A strong thread is needed to keep the stitch in place, without cutting through the material or jamming the sewing machine. Bonded Nylon and Bonded Polyester are the two most common industrial threads used for heavy-duty sewing. Both bonded threads have excellent abrasion resistance, are strong, and are available in multiple thicknesses. A special coating is applied to the thread (which is why it's called bondedthread) that reduces its susceptibility to wear from friction and abrasion while sewing at high speed or tight top tension.

Sewing on upholstery material with Bonded Nylon

Sewing on upholstery material with Bonded Nylon

Bonded Nylon and Bonded Polyester are popular upholstery threads

Bonded Nylon and Bonded Polyester are popular upholstery threads

Selecting the right bonded thread

Bonded Polyester

If your sewn project will be exposed to UV rays on a regular basis (outdoor furniture, automotive or marine upholstery, webbing, etc.) we recommend Bonded Polyester. Bonded Polyester has superior resistance to UV degradation. While not as strong as Bonded Nylon, its resistance to sunlight and UV rays makes it the better choice for any project that will be exposed to the elements.

Bonded Nylon

If your sewn project will not be exposed to UV rays, Bonded Nylon is recommended. Bonded Nylon is extremely strong and durable.


DuPont™ Kevlar® thread is a choice thread to use if your project requires an extremely-strong thread or you need a high heat tolerance. Our Kevlar® threads are available in two styles, bonded and spun. Bonded Kevlar® is smooth, extremely strong, and coated with a resin that helps resist abrasion. Spun Kevlar® is thinner and not as strong. However, it is much cheaper to produce and it retains Kevlar's® high heat tolerance.

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