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Why use water-soluble stabilizer?

Using Dissolve and Dissolve-4x water-soluble stabilizer helps keep the stitches from disappearing in high-pile fabrics (such as towels of fluffy cotton) and is wonderful for lace work since it provides a firm, stable surface on which to stitch. The beauty of water-soluble stabilizer is that once you have finished your embroidery design or quilting stitches, simply submerse your project in water, or wash it in the washing machine, and Dissolve will, well, dissolve!

Below are a few applications where Dissolve stabilizer can be used:

Freestanding Lace: Freestanding lace is lace which has dense underlay stitching to provide support for when water-soluble stabilizer is washed away. Using a single layer of Dissolve-4x in the place of fabric makes freestanding lace much easier to complete, as it doesn't require cutting the lace out of the backing fabric. When using Dissolve-4x as a stabilizer, soak the completed project in water to allow the material to fully dissolve. Warm water will speed up the process.

Garment Fiber Overlay: With the same techniques as freestanding lace, cut Dissolve-4x into the desired shape of the pattern or garment, lay fabric scraps, fibers, thread tails, etc. on top of the Dissolve-4x stabilizer and stitch. Once complete, soak and wear!

Heirloom: Use Dissolve as the base stabilizer with repeat rows of stitching. Because Dissolve can be easily washed away, it will not add more work by picking any stabilizer from under your stitches from heirloom dresses or blessing dresses.

Towel Embroidery Place Dissolve on top of high pile fabrics, like cotton towels or terry cloth, in the hoop when embroidering. Doing this allows the embroidery design to lie on top of the loops/pile of the fabric without getting tangled in the piles. Simply wash when complete. (If you've ever had problem with monogramming or embroidery on towels, you understand the frustration of thread getting caught in the high pile.)

Thread in Needle

Delicate Fabrics: When you don't want to risk a tearaway stabilizer due to the delicate features of certain fabrics, Dissolve is a wonderful substitute.

Free Motion Quilting: Trace any design or template onto a section of Dissolve-4x using a fine point marker. Lay the traced stabilizer on top of your quilt and stitch away. Tear any left over scraps and soak to dissolve any leftover stabilizer. This technique is helpful for learning how to quilt feathers and other fun shapes. You can practice drawing them on the stabilizer, then outline the traced design

Thread Painting: Using Dissolve-4x as a base stabilizer for thread painting will provide a sturdy foundation. By using a water-soluble stabilizer, you will avoid the bulk that can build up that cut away stabilizers have when densely stitched.

Our Dissolve water-soluble stabilizer is a stabilizer film that dissolves in water. It is excellent for embroidery, monogramming, quilting, lace work, buttonholes, applique, and much more. It's easy to use and will work with any hooped project. Simply lay Dissolve on top of your project, complete your sewing/quilting/embroidery, and soak in water or run it through a wash cycle and it will disappear.

Our Dissolve-4x water-soluble stabilizer is four times thicker than regular Dissolve (thus the 4x moniker) and is great to use for tracing and stitching, a base freestanding lace, and applications when a heavier stabilizer is more beneficial.

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